3bros ONE water go-cart

The idea of creating a water equivalent of a go-cart some time ago has ignited our imagination. We were wondering how to bring the greater number of people on the water. How to do it so that everyone, without the need to have a motorboat license, but safely, can taste the freedom of wind and adrenaline among the waves. We found it unfair that terrain racers have their mini-equivalents in the form of go-carts, and there has never been anything like that on the water before.

Finally, we decided to turn the visions into reality!

Currently, all signs in the sky and earth, own tests and opinions of people who have had the opportunity to try, clearly confirm that we have succeeded.

We are pleased to present you the first 3bros ONE go-cart on the market.

It does not require a license, because the basic version is powered by a 9.9 horsepower engine, which allows legally and safely operate it even for beginners.

One can like a racing driver, sitting low in a bucket seat, keeping a steering wheel in his hands, and on the right, a throttle.
In such moments nothing more is needed to feel freedom.
After a few seconds of adding the gokart gas, the 3bors ONE is already sliding at 35 km/h.

Ultimate fun guaranteed!

Click to see 3bros ONE clip!