3Bros 2FREE

It was created for those who believe that best moments are to be shared with friends and family. Although 3Bros 2FREE is still compact, it can take onboard 2 or 3 persons. They all sit in the same bucket seats, assuring security and ultimate fun feelings. There are many ways of enjoying 3Bros 2FREE. You can take your kids for a trip, jump the waves with a friend, tow a tube or even a wakeboard! 2FREE can be used as quick and light transportation between islands or on lakes, or became a dinghy for your yacht. No matter how you want to use 3bros 2FREE, have fun and be free!

See how the 3Bros 2FREE water go-kart looks like


Due to the width of the hull, and low COG 3Bros 2FREE ensures a feeling of confidence, both when overcoming waves, as well as in sharp turns. It is impossible to flip it over at normal exploitation conditions. Bucket seat keeps you firmly inside. 3Bros 2FREE is also unsinkable.Convertible seats system allows for perfect balance no matter if you take 1 or 2 passengers. Basic equipment includes a fire extinguisher and emergency paddle.


Even beginners will not have problems with operating 3Bros 2FREE. It is equipped with an electric starter, car-like steering wheel, control box, and basic gauges informing about revs, fuel level, time of operation and battery charging. Any other instruments can be installed on request.


Big onboard storage compartment can be used to take some personal stuff for longer trips, electric bilge pump helps to get rid of any water that gets inside during hours of fun, 19liter fuel tank assures up to 4 hours operation autonomy (on 15hp engine).


Electric engines can be installed for the areas where combustion engines are not allowed. They can range from small (like ePropulsion SPIRIT 1.0) to bigger (like EZ S20) assuring plane on the water. But even combustion engine usage in full speed plain consumes from 3 to 8 times less fuel compared to jet-ski.

Technical specs.

Weight w/o the engine: from 160 kg
Width: 135 cm
Length: 300 cm
Submerged hull: up to 25 cm
15hp max speed: 35 km/h
20hp max speed: 43 km/h
30hp max speed: 58 km/h
Fuel tank: 19 l
Number of seats: 2-3

Basic equipment:

fire extinguisher, telescopic paddle, non-slip deck veneer, 3 cleats, AGM battery, bilge pump, gauges for combustion engine (RPM, fuel, volt)

Configure your own water gokart

Would you like to pick your favourite color combination, add additional equipment you need, and select from a range of accessories? You can do this using the configurator on our website.