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Towing a tube with 3bros

Do you offer attractions for tourists on the water side? How much does an hour of towing a wakeboard or inflatables cost you? A large motorboat costs a bit and additionally has to consume a...

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Mini patrol boat #3bros!

Are you the owner of a marina? Your company supervises the safety of the marina, port? Are you looking for a fast, economical and agile boat, due to which you will be able to efficiently collect...

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Sailing Lessons

Do you run a sailing school? Do you care about the high level of training of students, their safety and constant supervision directly on the water? Bet on 3bros water go-karts, thanks to which...

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Motorboat courses

Do you teach maneuvering a motor yacht? Are there children among your pupils? Try the # 3bros water go-kart for the youngest skippers who are just starting their adventure with motor boating. Due...

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Advertising platform

Take advantage of the eye-catching, uniqueness of the # 3bros water go-kart and make it work for you! There are many possibilities: from the eye catching colours, through the sound system and the...

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Fishing Edition

You dream of a magical time, in which, sitting in a swivel chair, you reach for one of your many rods placed on dedicated grips. In this vision, you are not looking for the right bait or hook in...

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