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We have a business recipe ready for you – open your water go-kart rental and get 133% return on capital in just 2 years.
Sales estimation

At the beginning you must know that…

Any successful business requires a good plan. We have such a plan. We are happy to reveal it to you. However, it is not without capital and your commitment. You also need to know that our offer is not a franchise model.

You receive from us a business plan, a proven and developed sales model, equipment and the necessary know-how. We will not select nor evaluate the place where your business is to operate – you will make this decision yourself, and further successful implementation is 100% up to you.

For whom?

For anyone who has the will and investment capital of approx. PLN 100,000. PLN to start.

Objects of the investment

Two water go-karts: 3Bros ONE and 3Bros 2FREE

Gross cost: PLN 79,950

Slip trolley

Gross cost: PLN 400

Advertising banners and flags

Gross cost: PLN 1,000

Leasing for 24 months

Gross cost: PLN 3,631

Fuel (engine hour)

Gross cost: PLN 20

Two go-karts annual maintenance cost

Gross cost: PLN 1,000

Annual engine service

Gross cost: PLN 700

Employee cost (daily)

Gross cost: PLN 104

Total gross cost of the investment: PLN 86,805

Sales estimation

The following data show the possibilities of having your own water go-kart rental. The data is estimated based on the percentage of days in a season without rain, which is in Poland 61% on average.

3Bros ONE


  • Rental fee (15 MIN): PLN 50 gross
  • Number of rental hours during the day: 4
  • Daily profit: PLN 800 gross
  • Annual profit: PLN 177,600 gross

3Bros 2FREE


  • Rental fee (15 MIN): PLN 70 gross
  • Number of rental hours during the day: 4
  • Daily profit: PLN 1,120 gross
  • Annual profit: PLN 248 640 gross

What will you get from supporting your investment?

The most valuable asset – know-how

3Bros water go-karts customised according with your preferences

Advertising materials – ready and proven concepts!

Please do not hesitate to contact us

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